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Australia Study Visa

Australia, a country which was more popularly known as a destination for its tourism has now become very familiar for the quality of its education. Considering the number of universities and colleges that are now in Australia, students from all over the world are aiming to become a part of it. With our exceptionally well, customized and timely service, KFA Consultant ensures that students can fulfil their dream of studying subject of their choice in Australia.

How to apply?

There’s been a lot of misconception and confusion among applicants regarding the process of application to immigrate to Australia. At KFA Consultant, we make it our utmost priority to simplify the entire process of application. The following steps are involved in the application procedure:

Step 1 Select a visa subclass which is appropriate for the purpose of your travel (in this case education) to Australia and download the relevant visa application form (which will be done by KFA Consultant on your behalf).

Step 2 Your visa application may require supporting documentation. Gather all required supporting documentation for your application and submit them at KFA Consultant Dubai Office. To avoid delays all supporting documentation should be submitted at the time of application with KFA Consultant.

Step 3 Organize payment of the visa fees: Mode of Payment Visa Fees are payable in Cash or Credit Card in United Arab Emirates.

If you have any queries regarding the Australia Study Visa Program, please do not hesitate to book your consultation with us today to find out which pathway and relevant sub-stream is perfect for your application to this Program.