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Alberta Self Employed Farmer

The province of Alberta is a one of the best places in Canada to start a business. It’s home to Canada’s third most liveable city called named Calgary, but it is Alberta’s farmlands where the real opportunity for investment lies. Alberta is Canada’s second largest agricultural producer and its diverse landscape makes the soil perfect for harvesting various crops, rearing livestock and much more. As of now, if you’re looking to immigrate to the province of Canada through business immigration there is only one Investment Visa option available in Alberta – the Self Employed Farmer Stream.

The table below summarizes the Self Employed Farmer Stream:

  Alberta Self Employed Farmer Stream
Farming Skills

You must be able to prove that you have farm management skills through:

financial documentation of your existing farm business;
documentation proving your work experience, training and education;
a detailed business plan; and/or
evidence showing that a Canadian financial institution will invest in your business plan.

Financial Requirements You must be able to invest a minimum of $500,000 CAD in a primary production farming business in the province.
Investment Requirements You must provide a detailed business plan highlighting your investment plans. Business plans that are believed to have the best chance to grow Alberta’ agri-food targets’ will be considered first.

Looks daunting doesn’t it? Fret not! Book your consultation with us today to get a tailor-made business plan to help you launch your Alberta Self Employed Farmer Stream application.