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Ontario PNP

Ontario is one of the 10 provinces of Canada. The amazing and famous Niagara falls along with the US border is in Ontario. It is the second most largest province after Quebec, but it is the most populous with 40% of Canada’s population residing there. It is also the hub for immigrants from all around the world, with 35% constituting the population of Ontario. It also holds Toronto, the financial capital of Canada; and Canada’s capital Ottawa. 

It has the largest quota of nominations among other PNP programs. In fact last year 6600 nominations were issued from Ontario. To secure a nomination from Ontario under PNP, you must have a CRS score of 400 or above. There are 3 different categories of nominations, each having its own sub-streams. These are listed below:

Business Category:

1) Corporate Stream
2) Entrepreneur Stream

Employer Job Offer Category:

1) Foreign Worker Stream
2) International Student Stream
3) In-Demand Skills Stream

Human Capital Category:

1) Masters Graduate Stream
2) PHD Graduate Stream
3) Ontario Express Entry French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream
4) Ontario Express Entry Human Capital Priorities Stream
5) Ontario Express Entry Skilled Trades Stream

Below we’ll discuss the most used and most accessible sub-stream: Ontario Express Entry Human Capital Priorities Stream. This sub-stream is the preferred choice for many aspiring immigrants to Canada because of the following reasons:

1) No job offer needed for eligibility
You don’t need a Canadian degree to be eligible
3) Ontario promptly sends invites for this sub-stream

The reasons above make this sub-stream’s application fee a low risk investment, but on the other hand, it is the highest among all ONP programs in Canada at CAD $1500 (non-refundable). 

Eligibility Criteria:

  • You must have an Express Entry profile in the federal pool.
    You must hold a Bachelor’s degree equivalent to Canada’s to be eligible. 
  • You must attain a CLB 7 in either English or French.
  • You must have worked for at least one year in the past five years, in your relevant industry.
  • You will require a Notification of Interest from Ontario, to attain this you must have a 400+ CRS score.
  • You must also have minimum level of savings as per Express Entry.
  • You must express your intent on settling in Canada.

Step by Step process to Apply for Human Capitals Stream:

  • Create an Express Entry Profile: you will need the Entry Profile Number and Candidate Identifier Code to apply for the OINP. 
  • While creating profile, you must indicate your interest in immigrating to Ontario. 
  • You will receive a Notification of Interest from Ontario, and then you will have 45 calendar days to apply for OINP.
  • Submit the application fee of CAD $1500 (non-refundable)
  • You must upload all the required supporting documents.
  • Once the application has been approved, you will have 30 calendar days to accept this nomination.
  • This nomination will give you an additional CRS 600 points and you will receive an invitation to apply for permanent residence from IRCC.
  • Once you receive an invitation to apply from IRCC, you will have 90 calendar days to submit your application for permanent residence to IRCC.

Looks daunting doesn’t it? Fret not! Book your consultation with us today to find out which pathway and relevant sub-stream is perfect for your application to the Ontario Provincial Nomination Program.