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SDS Canada

Canada is truly a land of the immigrants. It is a beautiful country, that has a booming economy, top-notch education institutions, and plenty of jobs. Canada prides itself on its diversity and willingness to accept people from all corners of the world. If you’re interested in starting your adventure in Canada, book your appointment at kfaconsultant.com today. Read on to find out about the SDS programme. 

What is SDS?

SDS stands for Student Direct Stream and was initiated by the Canadian Government on June 8, 2018. It was started with a view to make the current study permit visa process more streamlined and promote Canada as a destination of choice for international students seeking quality education. It is applicable to students applying for a study permit from India, China, Vietnam, Philippines, and most recently Pakistan. 

Why Choose SDS?

SDS has many benefits for aspiring students. First, the visa application will be processed faster. You’ll get the results of your application back in just 21 working days. 

Furthermore, more than 1400 colleges with DLI, Designated Learning Institution, number will now be accepted. This means that students have more choice of programs and colleges to choose from. The success ratio of the SDS programme will also be considerably higher than if you just apply using the regular study permit application. 

SDS also compliments the Express Entry system, as students who graduate after arriving on SDS visa will be placed to continue on the path to Permanent Residence and Citizenship of Canada. 

Eligibility Criteria

In addition to belonging from the designated pool of countries for the SDS programme, in order to be considered eligible for the SDS visa, the students must fulfil the following criteria. 

  • Student must first obtain an acceptance letter from a designated learning institute  in any degree, diploma, or certificate programme. 
  • The student must pay the complete fee for one year of academic study upfront. 
  • Student must purchase a GIC, Guaranteed Investment Certificate of at least 10,000 CAD, as proof of subsistence. 
  • Student must score a minimum of 6 bands in all four modules of IELTS Academic test.
  • Have a complete medical examination upfront. 
  • At the time of application the student must be residing in his/her home country. 

Documents Required

In addition to your Passport, you will need the following documents for your SDS application:

  • Copy of Acceptance Letter from a DLI
  • Copy of Medical Exam report
  • Proof of GIC certificate worth minimum 10,000 CAD
  • Receipt of full tuition fee paid for an annual year of study
  • Ielts Academic Result Card

If you’re from one of the designated countries in the SDS programme, and looking to enhance your skills by studying in Canada then book your appointment today to explore your options under the SDS programme.