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Portugal Investment

Portugal has a rich, unique culture, lively cities and beautiful countryside. Although it was once one of the poorest countries in Western Europe, the end of dictatorship and introduction of Democracy in 1974, as well as its incorporation into the European Union in 1986, has meant significantly increased prosperity. It may now be one of the best value destinations on the Continent. This is because the country offers outstanding landscape diversity, due to its North-South disposition along the western shore of the Iberian peninsula.

Read on to find out more about how to secure your Portuguese citizenship through investment opportunities in Portugal. 

Portugal launched a ARI/Golden Visa scheme in 2012 for third country nationals to obtain a temporary residence permit in to conduct business activities with visa waiver in Schengen territory.

Benefits of Portuguese Investment:

  • Live, study and travel in Europe.
  • Most popular European property investment scheme
  • Very minimal residency requirements.
  • Profitable real estate investment
  • Naturalize for citizenship after 6 years.
  • No taxes unless you live 183 days in Portugal
  • No interviews, No language tests
  • Immigrate to Europe with family and children.
  • Travel freely in Schengen including Switzerland, Germany etc.
  • Qualify for Portuguese PR after 5 years of living.

The Table below shows you the qualifications required for Investment opportunities in Portugal:

   Portugal Golden Visa Requirements
Business Capital transfer with a value equal to or above 1 million Euros.
Real Estate The purchase of real estate property with a value equal to or above €500,000 Euros.
Real estate refurbishing The purchase of real estate property, with construction dating back more than 30 years or located in urban regeneration areas, for refurbishing, for a total value equal to or above 350,000 Euros
Research & Technology Capital transfer with a value equal to or above €350,000 Euros for investing in research activities conducted by public or private scientific research institutions involved in the national scientific or technology system.
Art, Culture & Public interest Capital transfer with a value equal to or above €250,000 Euros for investing in artistic output or supporting the arts, for reconstruction or refurbishment of the national heritage, through the local and central authorities, public institutions, public corporate sector, public foundations, private foundations of public interest, networked local authorities, local corporate sector organizations, local associations and public cultural associations, pursuing activities of artistic output, and reconstruction or maintenance of the national heritage.
Investment funds Capital transfer with a value equal to or above €500,000 Euros, for purchasing shares in investment funds or in venture capital geared to capitalize small and medium companies that, in turn, must present a feasible capitalization plan.
Employment Job creation at least, 10 job positions

The Portugal program does not require you to live or stay in Portugal at all. No minimum residence requirements, except you are only required stay in Portugal for 7 days on the first year and 14 days over the subsequent periods of 2 years.

Also please note that as long as you stay less than 180 days in Portugal, you are not liable to pay taxes. 

Book your consultation with us today to explore your possibility of pursuing Portuguese citizenship through investment opportunities in Portugal.