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Here, at AYSA Immigration: Best Immigration consultants in Dubai we’ve compiled a list of top 6 problems faced by immigrants in new country.

  • Language Barriers
  • Accommodation
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Accessibility to Local Services
  • Different Culture
  • The Climate

Language Barriers

It’s a well known fact that language is the number one issue faced by immigrants to any country. Being not able to communicate creates an impact on every area of life in which we have to interact with other people. From offices to schools, to simply finding way around or buying groceries, learning a native language is indeed very essential. If you speak English poorly but French like an expert, Canada can be a great option for you!


A secure housing is indeed a big priority for anybody moving to a new country or region. Lack of knowledge of local market or how the housing market works in the new country can result to problems. Doing advance research can contribute greatly in solving this problem.

Employment Opportunities

Another problem that most of the immigrants can be heard citing in a new country is finding employment. Your language skills could be in demand if you’re a native speaker. However, the most common problem faced by immigrants are; getting their credentials recognised and lack of relevant local experience. In Canada, it’s possible to begin the procedure for getting your credentials recognised before entering the country.

Accessibility to Local Services

The range and quality of services which are provided in the new country are most likely to be a lot different from that of your home country. Services which come with the biggest hurdles are legal advice, health care and access to other social services.

Different Culture

Many immigrants told that, after arriving in the new country, it’s the cultural difference which really is a big deal. This can range from social customs to more common issues like attitude towards gender, religious diversity and ethnicity, which can all be very different.

The Climate

This is just another factor that most people may overlook while immigration to any new country. Just like its people, The climate of Canada is also very diverse. The country experiences highs of 35 degrees Celsius in summer and lows of -25 degrees Celsius in winter. It solely depends on where you choose to live in Canada. The most populated regions in the south which lies along the border with the US, have more moderate temperature. In British Columbia the temperate range is very similar to the UK and parts of western Europe.

If you need any assistance in overcoming these major problems, then we at AYSA Immigration: Best Immigration consultants in Dubai are always available to assist you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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